Instructional Designer, Elearning Specialist, Training Facilitator

Situational Leadership

Essentials for leading others.

DiSC® Insights Course

Adapting your style to others.

DiSC Cover


Managing Change

Helping your team through change.

Change Course


Office Politics: The Game

Personalization, Rewards, Tracking Progress


Pet Adoption NYC-Style

Subtle Animation and Custom Sliders.  Based on a true story.

Aquarium Glossary

Creative glossary.  Teaching acronyms or categories doesn't have to be boring!


Using Video

Have some fun with Mad Libs and Video in this demo.

Facilitation Ideas

Check out this course on how to handle disruptive training participants.

Storytelling Explainer

How to make  your recommendations and pitches more compelling.

Showing Data

Here's a creative way to show data in Storyline..

Showing Data

Creative way of showing store penetration for a commercial purpose.

Quizzing Techniques

Games can help learners retain information.  Here's a fun example.

Comic Course Starter

Retro Teen Dramas--just kidding around with sliders, menus and quizzes.

Your Daily Horoscope

Click here for your horoscope, courtesy of


Tarot by Tanya

Click here for a Tarot reading.  Based on a true story.


Screencast Learning

Quick example for introducing a new website


I love lightboxes.  They are a simple way to quickly showcase information.

Creative Use of Quiz Tools

See how to turn a quiz into a self-diagnostic tool for your team.


Cat Behavior Quiz

No boring multiple choice here!  Cool navigation.


What Breed?

Subtle Animations Example

Amsterdam Escape Room

Light boxes, clues, and a secret code to make your flight home!


Ancient Aliens

Some subtle animation and interactive map.



Illustrated Backgrounds

My custom backgrounds for Storyline modern characters.

Info Graphic

Interested in some instructional design considerations?  Click here.


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